Automatically Syncing your Photo Library to Flickr

I have a photo library that is well over 20GBs in size and only seems to have picked up in pace as cameras got more beefy and packed on the pixels. I am traveling to Scandinavia today, and I really wanted one place that I could store everything and beautifully display it at the same time.

Unfortunately, my local Synology box is too low end to host it all and my home internet just can’t cope with more than a few viewers. This left only a few cloud based options such as Dropbox, Picasa, and Flickr among others. However, only Flickr provided 1TB of storage for free as well as providing a rich API for hackers.

Enter flickr-uploader, an open source script that syncs your folders into albums automagically. Set it up on your Synology, forget it, and everything just works.

Give it a shot! :-)