I took the plunge and bought a domain from Namecheap for my Synology NAS. As an added perk I’ve even created a subdomain for my Tumblr blog :-)

I’ll document the steps here in case anyone else has a similar setup and wants to do the same:

  1. Purchase a domain from your favorite domain registrar
  2. Optional: Create and install a free SSL certificate using StartSSL for your Synology NAS by following this guide
  3. Setup a Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service. You can either:
    1. Preferably: Utilize the Synology MyDS DDNS domain (i.e. XXXX.synology.me).
    2. Alternatively: Install Dynamic DNS and be sure to install IPKG and get SSL to work
  4. Add a CNAME for your domain that points to your Dynamic DNS address.
  5. Done… or are you? Nope, look at this post to figure out how to secure your Synology device now!

All in all, it was very straight forward and a fun weekend project!